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Virtual Conferences & Events

A tablet and computer sit on a desk ready so join the virtual conference platform and virtual event.

Live events are on the ‘back burner’ .  The BIG question now is… how to make your virtual conference or training as much of a valuable experience as your live event?  We have some great ideas, resources and ways to help!   We are in the business of relieving the headaches during the creation, and execution, of your Virtual Event.

  • Help find a platform that delivers the experience your attendees need/want (it’s not just a Zoomaverse out there!).
  • Build content that engages attendees, we can lend a hand in that.
  • Assist in coming up with a strategy that delivers an experience.
  • Need digital marketing strategy that gets people excited and signed up for your event?
  • Want to put together a great pre-event swag box?
  • Need to find innovative ways to get ROI for your sponsors?
  • Want to implement an online store during your event?
  • We can take your Virtual Event to a Hybrid Event when the time is right.
  • And of course we can provide all your registration needs, for your virtual event!

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We provide everything registration from your equipment needs to lead retrieval systems to data management and CEU or post show reporting. We have what you need and MORE!